Committing to the Environment.

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Being so close to nature all the time, as a tree surgeon you develop a special relationship with the natural world. You  become aware that the work you are doing can have a real impact on habitat, the environment but also on yourself. That being said Tree Services Ireland is continuously looking for ways to reduce impact on the environment while also keeping our staff safe. Setting out an environmental policy is one way we can begin to reduce some of these issues and work on becoming a more responsible and sustainable company.

All our chainsaws now run on Aspen, an alkaylate petrol that is cleaner and friendlier to the user and the environment.  With Aspen you avoid virtually all of the hazardous substances – such as benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons – that can cause serious health problems. Not only do we use Aspen but we also run our chainsaws on biodegradable chain oils, which goes directly to protecting any habitat or water systems we may come into contact with.

Conservation is at the core of Tree Services Ireland and understanding that our work has an impact on the environment we are committed to giving back with our own tree planting initiatives; Planting two native tree for every on tree we remove. The future of Irish natural habitat and wildlife is in the hands of us the people and we believe we have a responsibility to support it’s longevity. Look out for one of our tree planting days coming up!!

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