Environmental Policy


Trees carry out a range of important functions, including locking up huge amounts of carbon, supporting water and air quality, and providing food and timber. They also produce vast amounts of oxygen and support species diversity. They are an essential part of the planet’s environment.

Tree Services Ireland

Tree Services Ireland understands the value that trees have for people and the world. As tree care specialists we have a responsibility to nature and the environment. We aim to offer a service that supports best industry practices for people and their trees while also managing trees in a sustainable way, taking particular care of habitat and local ecosystems.

Our Green Policy

We are committed to continuously improving and building on our environmental policies

Our professional understanding of a tree's biology gives us a deep love and appreciation of trees. All of the tree work we carry out is focused on the overall health and longevity of the tree, where we have removed trees fully we encourage our clients to plant another in it's place. Furthermore, as part of our companies commitment to the environment we take on the responsibility of planting two native trees for every one tree we remove.

Tree Services Ireland aims to reduce the amount of stress and pollution placed on the natural environment by:

- Running our Chainsaws on low emission fuels like Aspen where possible.

- Using biodegradable chain oils

- Ensuring all our green waste is used for firewood, recycled and or composted

- Staff and office non- green waste is recycled

Tree Services Ireland also has a responsibility to protect Irish wildlife and their habitat. In accordance with the Wildlife Act 1967, amended in 2000, being conscious of how limited habitat is for Irish wildlife we carry out habitat assessments on all trees we work on and where possible will encourage that trees with habitat value remain standing as long as they are deemed safe to the public. The assessment aims to determine if any disturbance will occur as a result of tree work and establish the most suitable course of action to take. 




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