Emergency Tree Work

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    Emergency Tree Work

Emergency tree work is necessary when it is causing major damage to vehicles or property, or blocking access on public roads, pathways or access points. Storm damage is often the main cause of this which puts the Irish landscape at high risk!

How we can help

Tree Services Ireland provide an emergency tree service on both a residential and commercial level. Our team of experienced, qualified arborists are on hand to deal with these emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a fast response time and provide an efficient service in the removal of hazardous trees.



-Stay clear of any fallen trees near POWER LINES.
-Do not attempt to move or clear fallen trees unless you have the appropriate experience.
-Fallen and hung up trees represent a very real and unpredictable danger, call emergency services.
-DO NOT attempt to clear trees hung up on each other or other objects. These types of downed trees represent life threatening situations. Call emergency services and professional tree care workers.
-Watch over head for hung up limbs of trees that have been displaced and are balancing in other trees.
-Stay off the roads where possible during storm conditions.

Benefits of using Tree Services Ireland

  • Fully insured and certified to work in line with local council standards
  • Safety statements, training certificates and insurance certificates available on request
  • Experience in coordinating work in line with site safety standards
  • Training and experience in all aspects of tree removal and felling
  • Immediate access to all the necessary equipment to ensure an efficient service
  • Can provide detailed damage reports in line with insurance company requirements.

If you need emergency tree work completed, please call Tree Services Ireland on +353 87 332 2892 immediately to discuss in more detail.