Tree Risk Assessment

  • Tree Risk Assessment
    Tree Risk Assessment

Trees located close to a property, or on publicly accessible land pose a risk. As a result, landowners have a duty of care in preventing foreseeable harm from occurring. Tree risk assessments (or tree surveys) carried out by qualified arborists, identify problems early and put a plan in place in order to effectively manage them.

Benefits of tree risk assessments

  • Prevents potential damage to people and property
  • Identifies problem areas in the tree and manages them early
  • Detects internal decay which is not visible from the exterior
  • Provides an ongoing tree maintenance plan if applicable.

How we can help

Tree Services Ireland’s certified arborists have advanced knowledge of tree structure, mechanics and biology and can effectively identify any potential risks a tree may pose. Our experienced tree surgeons undertake surveys ranging from individual tree inspections to inspections of larger woodland areas. Once a tree risk assessment has been undertaken, we can give you expert advice on how to manage it effectively to ensure your own peace of mind.

If you would like more information on tree risk assessment, or any of the tree care services we provide, please call +353 87 332 2892.