Tree Services Ireland Donates 900 Native Trees

Following the great success of the Tree Services Ireland native tree planting event in March where we rallied 60 volunteers to help us plant 1100 trees for the city of Kilkenny, we still needed to complete our target of planting 2000 native trees for 2017. Tree Services Ireland donates and helps plant 900 trees to reach our target.

Every year we propose to plant more and more native Irish trees under our environmental banner where “ We Plant Two Native Trees For Every One We Remove”.  By doing this we want to show the community of Kilkenny that as tree surgeons we understand the value that trees have to our landscape, our heritage and the overall health of every person. As we are local to Kilkenny we want to demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility towards our community by using our unique understanding of trees, biodiversity and the landscape to make Kilkenny a better place to live for people and our wildlife


Donating Oak Trees to Native Woodland Trust

Thanks to our friends at the Native Woodland Trust we found great homes for the remaining 900 trees at two of their reserves, Girley bog in Co Meath and Coill na Lúise, in Co Wicklow. At these reserves the Native Woodland Trust have started regenerating programs whereby they plant large areas with native Irish trees in a bid to establish native Irish woodlands. This is more than just planting trees because they are nice to look at, once our little island was covered by continuous forests of birch, elm, hazel, oak and as part of the Native Woodland Trust’s vision they plan to restore native forest cover once again as a feature of the Irish landscape. If you go far back enough in language the word Gaels was used to describe the early Celts, meaning “forest people”. Forests consisting of birch and oak are a big part of our history and our heritage, but deforestation and extensive agricultural practices have reshaped the face of our landscape over many years. These forests traditionally would have supported a huge diversity of plant and animal species, charismatic species such as wolves, bears, wild boar and the renowned Irish elk roamed freely.

Present day, in modern Ireland habitat loss is the main factor contributing to the disappearance of any of our remaining native Irish wildlife. Restoring native Irish woodlands makes complete sense and could not come at a more important time. With the development of Native Woodland Trust reserves, who use the help of the Irish public to plant their trees, it will not only create native woodlands throughout Ireland but will also help create habitat for a diverse range of plants, insects, birds, amphibians and mammals, while also contributing to our national pride when it comes to protecting our natural heritage. Getting to understand the work that the Native Woodland Trust are driving forward, it made sense that Tree Services Ireland get involved by donating the rest of our trees to show our support for an amazing initiative. If you wish to get involved with the revival of our natural heritage, become a member of the Native Woodland Trust and volunteer at one of their many tree planting events. You won’t regret it!!

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