Tree & Hedgerow Planting

  • Tree & Hedgerow Planting

Tree Services Ireland believe as tree surgeons we should not only participate in removing trees, this is why we offer expert horticultural guidance and services when it comes to tree planting and the planting of native hedgerows. In a country that has one of the lowest percentages of forest cover in Europe, tree planting is an important part of our future as well as our history. We are that serious about tree planting that for every one trees we remove from domestic jobs, we plant two more native Irish trees in place at our annual tree planting event. We are experienced in mature tree planting, as stand alone garden specimens, as well as hedgerow companions, right down to the complete installation of bare rooted tree hedgerows. 

Aspects involved in tree and hedgerow planting:

  • Planning of tree species
  • Preparation of tree or hedgerow site
  • Sourcing of quality planting stock
  • Installation of trees and appropriate supports                                                                          
  • After tree care


Please remember to take into account that time of year can have an effect on tree planting plans so contact your local tree care professional for the best way to proceed with planting when in the planning phase.