Wood Chipping

  • Wood Chipping

Tree Services Ireland also provide a wood chipper hire service to clients that have a large quantity of branches and clippings that they need to dispose of. We hire out our wood chippers with a trained operator to ensure the safe disposal of all branches and clippings. Our on-site operator is fully covered by our insurance for your peace of mind.

We have a range of wood chippers suitable for all clients - our smaller chipper is ideal for areas with restricted access to ensure a faster clean up. We also have a larger wood chipper for areas where access isn't a problem - this chipper is ideal for clients that have a large amount of branches that they want to remove from their premises. All of our clients have the opportunity to keep their wood chippings for alternative uses. 

Benefits of wood chippings

  • Can be used as garden mulch - a natural weed suppressant
  • Can be used as bedding for animals
  • Larger quantities can be used for biomass energy. 

For information on our rates for our wood chipper hire service, please contact Dan on +353873322892.

Wood chippings for sale

Tree Services Ireland have large quantities of wood chippings for sale. To discuss in more detail, please get in touch!