Woodland & Forestry Services

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Woodland and forestry management is necessary in order to improve productivity of your crop and maximise the potential value of your timber, while providing you with an interim income. 

At Tree Services Ireland, we have a passion and understanding for a sustainable approach to forestry management. We specialise in first and second thinnings for small to medium sized plantations. Our machinery is compact which reduces the impact on land and is ideal for sensitive areas. We adhere to all health and safety regulations and are fully insured to carry out all woodland management services. 

What is thinnings?

Thinnings is the removal of a proportion of crop to improve overall forest quality; it provides remaining crop with more light and room to grow. Thinnings also increases the diameter of remaining trees which, in turn, produce higher value timber at felling. 

Woodland and forestry services offered

  • Broadleaf and conifer first and second thinnings
  • Clear fell
  • Inspection paths
  • Timber extraction and haulage
  • Tree stump grinding and removal
  • Wood chipping for biomass 

If you would like more information on our woodland and forestry services, or would like a quote for works carried out, please call +353 87 332 2892, or alternatively send us an email!