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Mature Ash Tree Removal, Dublin rd, Kilkenny City

It’s a sad day when you have to remove a massive ash tree. But sometimes a full tree removal is for the safety of the property owner, their families and the public. This tree in the middle of Kilkenny city was once part of a farm before the city swallowed it up and a very proud lady was sad to let the tree go.

The tree itself had become infected with a wood decaying fungus (Inonotus Hispidus) causing the trees crown to die back with major limbs becoming increasingly brittle and even dropping to the garden below, (Thankfully this wasn’t the main Dublin rd, where the tree over looked). These types of fungus produce an external bracket fungus not often visible to the eye. However, if you do find these on your trees and you are concerned, it’s best to call your local tree care professional because there is potential to save the tree.

Being a roadside ash the tree needed to be rigged with ropes, tension devices and pulleys before lowered to the ground safely. As you can see the pictures tell the story with Dan Tree Climber leading the Tree Services Ireland crew to safely remove this tree. Rigging itself is a specialised qualification obtained and recognised by NPTC city & guilds training. NOTE your tree surgeon should also be properly insured to cover this kind of work.

The removal of this mature urban ash was technical from start to finish and required a carefully thought out and executed plan. Special considerations needed to be taken for health and safety of both the public and the staff. Implementing a well thought out plan from start to finish is vital when dealing with such a big tree under these conditions.


-Firstly, a healthy and safety statement is written up.

-Rigging equipment is set up and in place.

-The Ash was cleared of all branches, working in a systematic way, finishing with the crown.

-Any major limbs were rope rigged and lower to the ground safely.

-Finally the main trunk was rope rigged and lowered in sizable sections safely.

-Job completed in under nine hours.

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Reducing and Thinning Mature Beech at Lavistown House

Reducing and Thinning a Mature Beech at Lavistown House, Co Kilkenny

Our clients at Lavistown House love their trees. Especially this mature beech tree, but they were worried about the possibilities of it coming down in high winds. This tree is in close proximity to the main house and so it posses some concerns for the property owners:

-What is the condition of the beech tree

-Could strong winds potentially push the beech tree into the house

-The beech tree is an extension of the property enhancing it’s place in the landscape. What can we do to retain it or does it need to come down?

After the tree was assessed by a properly qualified and insured tree specialist (You should always cover yourself by checking for qualifications and appropriate insurance) Tree Services Ireland advised on the trees good health. We advised that a medium crown reduction and crown thinning be carried out which would greatly reduces any stress that the tree might be under. This covered all of the concerns that the property owners were having without taking any extreme measures.

The Team consisting of two qualified climbers and one qualified grounds man:

-Reduced the overall weight of the crown, thereby, reducing wind resistance and allowing more light to pass through the tree.

-Removed or reduced larger out stretched limbs so as to balance the weight of the tree.

-Shaped this beech to enhance its visual quality, as a mature tree but also for the value it has to the house and property.

Please note, all good reductions and thinnings should go unnoticed after the job has been completed, retaining the original shape of the tree being key to a job well done. Unless completely necessary mature trees should not be removed without an appropriate reason, always as your tree surgeon to explain any work they suggest carrying out.

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